School is in Session!

from kindergarten to highschool

It’s official.. My baby’s growing up. The funny thing is, that it was a pretty anti-climactical event. Maybe because she’s been going to preschool for so long, maybe because she’s so darned independent and Steve and I have already been cast aside as “yucky, mean Mommy and Daddy”. But, there I was ready for the waterworks to start and they never did. I’ve been very mellow the past couple of days thinking about it.. will she make friends (she always does)? Will she say and do the “right” thing (not always)? Will she still want to hang out with us for at least a little longer (I pray??)? All the parenting books in the world don’t get you ready for those least not that I know of. Those that are girls also remember the other “great” things about school.. am I wearing the right outfit? will I be popular? will I get picked first on the kick ball team?? Ah yes… those that think school is for learning, have obviously forgotten those important lessons.


After the bus pulled off it was back to the house to rouse up the other 2 girls to get Sydney off to HER first day of pre-school. She wasn’t as excited as Mackenzie to say the least! First of all, we woke her up. Think bear and hibernation and you’ll get an idea of the ease of that chore! Then, once we get her there, she wasn’t too thrilled at the aspect of being left there. I basically had to grab Steve and run. The bad part is, since she refuses to be potty-trained, she’ll probably be sent back down to her class from last year. Which, I hate, but maybe it’s the push that she needs.

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All in all, it was a good start to the school year. I can’t wait for them to get home and tell us all about it!

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