Back to school shopping lists for high school and middle school.

Back to School Supply Lists for High School and Middle School

I hate to bust your summer bliss bubble, but it’s August and while it’s still early in August, everyone knows what’s looming around the corner…

Back to School.

Hey. Don’t kill the messenger – I’m just reporting the facts. And while you may be the one in a hundred who’s thinking “but Back to school shopping lists for high school and middle school.
I don’t WANT school to start back” you, my friend, are the odd one out. I think the only happier day in a parent’s year than the first day of school is the last day of school.

When all of us were in school, pretty much all we needed to worry about for school supplies was a backpack. a Trapper Keeper and some #2 pencils. Maybe a lunchbox if your parents were feeling generous. Today, with all the budget cuts in our school systems, that’s hardly the case. The list now of supplies needed for back to school is longer than a week’s worth of groceries and about as expensive.

I’ve gathered for you a list of the items your kids will need – those with kids going into middle or high school for the first time, pay particular attention because it’s a little bit different from elementary school! I’ve even linked them to Amazon so you can shop while you read! How awesome am I?! And if you have Amazon Prime? You don’t even have to leave the house to get your shopping done! Double bonus!!

For High School:

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For Middle School:

That’s a lot of stuff, isn’t it? I guarantee you that it won’t be the only things you’ll need to buy, but it will get you off to a good start. One thing that I learned when we hit middle school is don’t waste your money on cheap backpacks. I agreed to buy my girls more expensive backpacks (like North Face) but they had to agree to keep it for 2 years. Not only does that work like a charm and they hold up, but the first one’s North Face was able to take the middle one thru her first year of high school, no problems!

Good luck you guys!! Happy shopping!!


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