For 70 years, teen girls around the world have relied on Seventeen Magazine to guide them thru the seventeen magazine joys and perils of their high school years. From what clothes to wear to the latest hair and makeup trends to what to do when your best friend double crosses you. They’ve been the source for information on getting the hottest guy in school to notice you and then, once he does – what to say and how to act. Seventeen Magazine is the teenagers “bible” to surviving the teen years.

I remember getting Seventeen when I was in high school in the 80’s and looking at the faces of Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly, Molly Ringwald and countless other big-haired models staring back at me. I learned how to get that “Material Girl” look, the top 10 things guys look for, how to bling out my locker ( bling wasn’t a word of the 80’s) and then there was the crown jewel of the year…

The Back to School edition.

I would wait all summer long for this edition to arrive and when it finally arrived in July, it was at no less than 2 inches thick and weighed at least 5 pounds. Paired with long phone calls, it would take me and my besties DAYS to properly review it and decide which outfits would look the best and which one would win the coveted spot as the first day outfit. Then another week trying to figure out how we were possibly going to afford it on our own or butter our parents up enough to buy at least half of it. No highschool girl worth her weight in mousse would ever hit the first day of school without her wardrobe, hair and makeup getting the seal of approval from Seventeen.

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So, getting Mackenzie her subscription to Seventeen was a magical, mommy moment for me. It was like handing her the keys to the Teendom. I just knew she would pour over them and gain major insight into all the important things in life as it relates to being a teen. Earmarking pages, following the twitter accounts (yeah, that’s different) and dreaming of the outfits popping off the pages.

Imagine my complete HORROR when the August 2013 edition showed up.

This ain’t her Mama’s Seventeen, y’all. Observe:

seventeen magazine today


I was floored that the Seventeen Magazine that I loved had absolutely no “flop factor” 25 years later. I mean I get that we get our messages from different places and who knows… maybe Seventeen’s Back to School Tumblr page is HUGE. But still… 140 pages?!

But she loves it and enjoys looking at it. And I get a laugh out of listening to her look at it and give it the verbal thumbs up or down. So I guess we both win.

Were you a Seventeen Magazine girl?