Where Can You Find the Perfect Prom Dress?

I realize that Christmas was only a mere month ago but believe it or not, if your daughter is in high school, the talk about prom dresses has already started.

One of the besties sent me a text last weekend asking for recommendations of places to take her niece and her niece’s friend to shop for prom dresses. And I had to really think about it. Sure there were a couple of stores at our local shopping center, but other than that – there’s not a lot in our area. It wasn’t a lot different when Cristi and I shopped for prom dresses a few years ago… (okay, 27 but still) We would get our March issue of Seventeen magazine and oooh and ahhh over the Gunne Sax dresses and wonder where we would ever find a place that sold them.

What we have at our disposal today, that we didn’t in the 80’s, is the internet. Now girls don’t have to be limited to the shops in their town but can also turn to sites like DressFirst and have a TON of options. The selection of prom dresses and other special occasion dresses will satisfy even the toughest to please fashionista. The prices are reasonable, shipping is free in a lot of cases and they have accessories to complement the dress!

Mackenzie and I sat down to look at the offerings – I was curious to see what she would choose if she were going to prom this year. I was pretty impressed with the ones she selected.. very tasteful without a ton of flash and very reasonably priced! Check out her choices:

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dressfirst-2 dressfirst-3

Nice, huh?

Definitely think any teen girl looking for prom dresses, will find something they like and most likely, they’ll find quite a few things and have a tough time deciding on THE one. Like anything you order online (but especially special occasion items), you want to be sure you understand the return policies.

If you’re shopping for prom dresses, what are you and your daughter looking for?