Keep Good Going Nomination

In 2012, I was a top 5 finalist in the Shorty Awards for Mom in Social Media. (I even beat out Britney Spears to get there!! ) Last year, I was #8 in the category of Keep Good Going (parenting and social media) but still proud of where I landed (and I beat the Biebs mom..)

This year, I am shooting for the final 5 again, but I need your help!

If you’re not familiar with the Shorty’s, they recognize the best in Social Media. There are about 100 legitimate categories and hundreds more of “community” categories. I’ve been nominated again for the #KeepGoodGoing award which recognizes parents who are doing their part and more to make a difference in parenting.

There are a lot of people out there who are doing amazing things for kids and I’m honored to be included with them. I am passionate about helping parents navigate the teen and tween years as well as the ins and outs of technology and social media. 

So here is where I need your help. Please click on the Shorty Awards badge below and cast your vote for me.

Nominate Kristen Daukas for a social media award in the Shorty Awards! Nominate Kristen Daukas for a social media award for Keep Good Going in the Shorty Awards


You will actually tweet your vote and the format is this:

I nominate @4Hensandrooster for a Shorty Award in #keepgoodgoing because…

And you just fill in a reason. I’m not picky about the reason but if you’re truly at a loss, let me know and I can help!

Thank you so much for this.. It’s silly to some people, but it really means a lot to me. Both the vote and your support!!

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