Size Matters – Kid Sizes versus Junior Sizes

How to convert kid sizes to junior sizes

I don’t have to tell you how expensive kids clothes are but if you think they’re expensive now, wait til they get OUT of kids clothes and into juniors or mens. Holy Cow. Case in point.. I had to get Sydney a pair of black pants for her band concert. She’s around a size 3 or 5 in Juniors but did you know that is the same as a size 16 in girls! While there are some things that it won’t work for, basic items are perfect for this little trick!

This also works for shoes… a kids size 6 is the same as a size 8 in women’s! And if you have a girl like Sydney who hates the color pink in her tennis shoes, a women’s size 8 is a men’s size 6! No matter which way you slice it, women’s sizes are always more expensive.

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