Someone’s ALMOST 50 Today!

The Rooster Lives to Crow Another Year!

I hope I’m this tolerant of ‘ribbing’ the day I turn 49…

… and only have 1 year of my 40’s left.

… and will be 50 (!) the next year…

Nahhh… who am I kidding. I’ll be moping around like someone took my last glass of wine.

But today’s not about me.The Rooster's turning 49 today!

It’s about the Rooster!!

~ The guy who drives us all crazy because we drove him crazy years ago and he thinks it’s his way of getting back at us.

~ The guy who still doesn’t understand the phrases “water off a duck’s back” or “choose your battles” when it comes to raising kids.

~ The guy who tries so hard to understand why teenage girls flip switches so quickly and really wants to rationalize with them when they do.

~ The guy who will go on an emergency run to buy tampons.. and while he’s at it, usually will grab a chocolate bar for them and a six-pack for him. Just because… he had to buy tampons.

~ The guy who welcomes the girl’s guy friends in the house like they’re bringing him the Publisher’s Clearing House million dollar check. Because, it’s a GUY in the house. And he can show them his sports stuff!!

~ The guy who really tries to explain football and hockey to all of us and we’re like…Ooooh! tight pants!

~ The guy who will side-eye watch Pretty Little Liars with the 17YO because he likes the fact that she watches it with him… almost as much as he wants to find out who A is.

~ The guy who puts up with 3 type-a females who are on the same cycle. ‘Nuff said.

~ The guy who agreed to got suckered into adopting TWO rescue cats this year and plays the YouTube cat channel for them when no one’s watching.

~ And a big one… The guy who takes it with a grain of salt when people meet him and say “Oh!! YOU’RE the Rooster!!!”

I could go on, but you get the idea. The Rooster is a pretty tolerant and amazing guy. I know I bitch and moan over certain things that he does, but what wife doesn’t? When it all boils down, I wouldn’t have anyone else next to me raising these three girls and reminding me that it’s okay to laugh. And cry. And then laugh again because I’m ugly crying over teenage girls.

Happy Birthday, Boo. Thank you for being the awesome guy you are and I hope your last year of the 40’s is a great one deserving of you! <3

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Carol Varni
November 5, 2015 at 2:41 pm

WoW! love it! He sounds a little more patient than MY rooster!

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