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Sunday Soup – October 7th

When the Rooster and I swapped offices last year, he became the primary dinner maker which is great since he’s a good cook. But he was killing our finances with one simple fact – he sunday is soup day couldn’t plan. 4:00 would roll around and he would realize that he didn’t have plans for dinner, run to the grocery store down the road and another $40 would be gone.

I’ve played around with planning out dinner menus in the past but the past few months, I have been very diligent with making sure they’re done. I’ll plan out 2 weeks worth of dinners which solves 2 problems.. saves a boatload of money on groceries (since we have everything we need to make the recipe in the house) and Steve doesn’t have to think too hard about what to make for dinner. Added bonus – we always have dinner.

During the fall, Sunday seems to be my default day to plan for soup. After a busy week and knowing that tomorrow brings another week of busy, Sunday is our day to as little as possible when it comes to running around. We watch football, work on laundry and other straggling chores. So the perfect thing to go on the menu for Sunday is soup – nothing smells better than a pot of soup, chili or stew simmering all day long.

Fall has been teasing us so far this season but when I woke up this morning, it apparently decided that it was going to show up at least for the next few days. Today is perfect – it’s cool, rainy, we have nothing on the schedule and baked potato soup is calling my name.

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This is one of our favorite soups – it’s a hearty and classic comfort soup and I can eat the leftovers every day and not get sick of it. You can find one of my go-to recipes for making Baked Potato Soup here. Of course, I always throw my own twist into it but for the basic, root recipe this one is a charm.

Happy Soupday!


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