Everyone needs a day like today where they don’t get out of their pjs, put on a bra, brush their hair or teeth. Okay the last one is a lie.. I have to brush my teeth.. can’t stand the funk in my mouth taste. But the other stuff is true.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time from a few years ago and is the inspiration for today:

lazy days are the best

I actually haven’t done “nothing”.. I spent a few hours on a presentation that I’m giving this week but that was the extent of it. We’ve had breakfast.. then I made brownies… then I had chips and dip. I figure since spring won’t show up, why not take advantage of it?

Reflecting back on the week, I have some “is it just me” questions for all of you.  Love to hear your thoughts…

1) When your kids have someone spend the night and you take them someplace, do you expect the kid/guest to pay? As in, you go out to dinner – are you adding up the kids portion of the bill and asking for them to chip in?

2) I’m all for sharing on social media (you guys know that) but even I draw the line somewhere. My poor MIL has had to find out about a family member passing on Facebook, possible relocation of her son & family and this week it was waking up to find out the Rooster’s brother had landed in the hospital after an unfortunate late night incident. Where do you draw the line on sharing on social media? Is there a line you won’t cross?

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3) If your kid has a friend who breaks something of theirs on purpose, do you say something to the parents? Not “oops, I was playing with it and it broke” but “this is yours and I’m going to take it and break it.. what are you going to do about it” kind of breaking. We’ve had this happen a few times and I don’t think it’s fair to tell my kids “well next time you know not to let them use your stuff”. These kids aren’t 4, they’re all pushing 10 and up. I’ve heard stories of kids putting other kids coats in the toilet and then the parent offers to “clean them”. Uhm. No.

4) Spring break is coming up and I’m kind of bummed we’re not going anywhere. Spring break has become my favorite vacation time because it’s a nice break from the winter blues and doesn’t seem as crowded as the summer trips. Do you and your family travel for both or pick one of them?

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.. for those of you who gave something up for Lent, the end is near! You’re almost there!!