Sydney Makes Her Debut!

I have fun and exciting news!!! I finally have a contributor to this site! I’m hoping that she’ll be a frequent person around here.. Lord knows she eats enough of my food and takes up 1/5 of the space in my house. Yep.. one of my girls has Please welcome my newest contributor, Sydney Daukas!finally decided to humor me and share her amazing stories and views on topics and shows!!

Let me formally introduce you to Sydney who’s the middle babe in our trio of daughters. She’s 14 (15 in May!) and is a Freshman in high school, plays the trumpet, belongs to the Latin club (yes.. there ARE some schools that still teach Latin!!), loves Dr. Who, reading, and sleeping as late as I will let her. She’s got a great point of view on most things and I’m thrilled that she’s here. I imagine the majority of her contributions will be her takes on shows (she’s chomping at the bit to do a play by play of Degrassi!!), movies and books as well as any teen related products we should receive. Enjoy her review of Superstore (which was a project for her Journalism class) and please give her a big, warm welcome so that she’ll come back 😉

Superstore Review

Superstore, created by Justin Spitzer, whose show’s setting is pretty much based off of Walmart, however this store’s name is Cloud 9. With certain customer antics and the staff members, it dives into the likes of the store with a quantity of comedic output. The first episode caught my attention, with the humor it played on the screen.superstore-review

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In the premiere of the series we are introduced to the characters and staff, Amy (America Ferrera), who is the responsible, on-floor supervisor, warmhearted Glenn (Mark McKinney) the manager and the assistant manager, semi aggressive Dina (Lauren Ash). Then there’s naive and pregnant Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom), and the humorous, front store helper Garrett (Colton Dunn). The newbies – egomaniac Jonah (Ben Feldman) and eager Mateo (Nico Santos) come onto the team in the first episode. It covers awkward first days and encounters, one-sided crushes, moments of beauty and horrendous messups.

The moments where Amy was joking with Jonah and him not realizing it, were funny as well as the moments with Cheyenne’s fiance Bo (Johnny Pemberton) as he was an interesting character that was one you didn’t want to find funny, but you did. When Dina was in the staff room holding up the bag of crystal meth, I agreed with Garrett on the fact why no one was questioning why she had it in the first place. At the end, there is a scene that defines the moment of beauty as the entire ceiling is covered with glow in the dark stars.

With it being the pilot of the series, it had a slow start, but that doesn’t make my opinion of it any different. It brings a new view of common box stores and the actors and actresses play the characters well. The awkward first day for Jonah definitely brought a smile to my face as he messed up pricing the electronics and caused havoc all around the store.

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The show brings visual humor, good jokes and it definitely made me imagine if this kind of stuff happened at the Walmart down the street from where I live. I give the pilot a: 🙂

So….what do you think?! Should we keep her around to watch all the shows we don’t have time for and let us know what we’re missing? I think so!!!