Crazy weeks are not uncommon in this house but this week ranked pretty high up on the “insane” scale. Between the Rooster having sales kick off meetings all week (I don’t miss those, FYI), me kristen daukas whole foodshaving a planning meeting for the upcoming Hope in Heels event (do you have your tickets yet?!) and my heading out of town Thursday to be a booth babe for a friend at a trade show, I was staring at a weekly menu full of PB&Js or the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

But then my pal Jarrett over at Whole Foods emailed me and reminded me that I still needed to come by and pick up the other variety of their Whole Value Meals to sample and the hunger pains were doing a happy dance! Jarrett and Whole Foods saves the day!!

To refresh your memory, Whole Foods Market (Winston) has 2 price levels for their Whole Value Meals – $17.99 and $14.99. Both price points include an entree and a salad able  to feed a family of 4. The last time, I opted for the $17.99 Whole Value Meal as I knew it would be all 5 of us so having the $14.99 offered up this time was perfect since it was just we Hens.

Ran over on Tuesday to meet up with Jarrett (note to WFM Corporate – he’s a great guy and such a treat to work with!) and see what variety of Whole Value Meals they had to choose from. They had a larger selection this time than last — Penne pasta with mild Italian sausage, a burrito option, chicken fingers with Mac and Cheese (my kids get enough of that.. pass) and while we were standing there, one of the staff members kindly offered london broil or rotisserie chicken as an option. Since I had already eyeballed the pasta and I knew it would be a hit with the girls, I opted for that. Grabbed that, my salad (don’t forget the salad!!) checked out and headed home.

Of course it was great.. Would you expect less? I loved the fresh basil on top (you eat with your eyes first, remember??), you could see the huge chunks of fresh, red tomatoes and there was an abundance of sausage throughout the dish. Like the burritos from last time there was a TON of food – the portion we had was enough to feed all four of us and we had more than enough left over for lunch the next day.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating that if you’re in a rush for a good dinner that’s freshly made and GOOD for you, you can’t beat these Whole Value Meals. I mean seriously – you can’t feed 4 people in your family a meal from a fast food joint for less than what these meals cost.

Thank you Whole Foods – not just for giving me the privilege of trying these meals but for taking the initiative in putting good, pure food first and foremost.

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** Please note that Whole Foods provided these items to me at no charge. But, if you know me.. that has no bearing on my point of view.**