Like everyone else, all 3 of my girls are very similar yet very unique in their personalities. I’m struck today about a BIG difference between #1 and #2.

Traveling communication.

#1 absolutely must be in touch with us the entire time she is away from home. She went on a trip to Vail with the besties in February and I hadn’t left her behind at the airport more than 10 minutes before I got the first text from her. By the time she landed in Atlanta for her connecting flight, we had carried on several conversations by text.. what she was doing, what she was eating, what the airport looked like and so on. Flash forward to the actual trip itself, pretty much without fail, we talked to her every morning before she went skiing, in the afternoon after she was done skiing and then one last call before she went to bed. It was a great way to (literally) live the trip with her and we enjoyed all the chats – phone, text and Facebook.

#2? Outta site, outta mind. She’s currently on her trip with the Besties down in Puerto Rico for Spring Break. We dropped her off at their house on Friday and short of a couple of texts before they went to sleep that night, haven’t heard a peep from her since. Not one single word. If it weren’t for the text pictures coming from the bestie, I wouldn’t know if the kid were alive or not. But, I know she is and I know she’s having the time of her life. She’s living the moment and taking in every sight and sound and can’t be bothered with relaying the information to us in a blow by blow recounting. She’ll save it all for when she gets home.  And while I miss talking to her and hearing about her adventures, I’m glad that she’s taking full advantage of her trip. That’s her above (in pink) making S’mores by the sea. Tough life, huh?

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I’m okay with how each of them live their experiences because they live them in their own way… one wants to always be connected to us even though she’s having a great time – although she won’t admit that to our face. For a kid that wants to never be here, at the root she really is a homebody. The other one is the one we’ve always said will be out the door as soon as she can and will never look back. It’s not that she doesn’t like being here – she just knows that the world is full of adventure that is hers for the taking.

It will be intersting to see how #3 handles her traveling communication next year when it’s finally her turn to go. I’m betting a combination of the two.


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