season 3 of oitnb is back

The Good News/Bad News Post About Orange is the New Black

Are you as big a fan of the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black as I am? If so, I’ve got great news, good news and I’ve got bad news. season 3 of oitnb is back

  • The good news is that Season 3 premiers June 12th
  • The bad news is that’s over a month away
  • The GREAT news is they’ve already signed on for a season 4!!!

So let’s contemplate some questions before the Ladies of Litchfield head back to prison…

Alex and Piper:

When last we left, Alex had royally screwed Piper over and was living the “free” life. Or was she?! Will Piper forgive Alex and more importantly, will they get back together?!


One of the big buzzes is the addition of Ruby Rose to the jail yard as Stella Carlin. Who will be her BFF, you think?!

Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin

Pretty sure there will be some fun happening over at the Slammer Salon…

OITNB S3 EP3004 7-21-14-475.CR2

Who will be the head hostess this season in the cafeteria? Will Red come back and take over? And lest we forget Crazy Eyes..


And finally,  if all that weren’t enough, enjoy this sneak peek season 3 trailer!!

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April 29, 2015 at 7:34 pm

Have to admit I’ve never seen it, but I enjoy watching TV series “after the fact”. That way I can catch up without having to wait a week:) Maybe I’ll add this to my list…
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