I’ve spent a lot of time this week playing around with this site. You probably don’t know this, but this blog was started way back in 2003 when the youngest Hen was born.  You see, at that time, we were

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living up in PA and between us both working, raising 3 kids and no such thing as Facebook, I really didn’t have time to be darting off to the local Walgreen’s to have pictures made to mail off to every relative around the country documenting the growth of our children. I also am not the annual newsletter type so what was a girl to do?

Start a website, of course! This way, everyone could just log on to the site, see the comings and goings of the family and everyone would be happy. Like a photo? Just right click, save to your computer and print it off yourself.  The only problem with this concept was that the family wasn’t as ahead of the curve as I was and I had to spend as much time explaining to them how to right click, etc.  As for the, name Four Hens and a Rooster just popped in my head one day at the office and it couldn’t have fit more perfectly since that was our family to a tee… Four girls and one boy.

Unfortunately, I am always trying to fine tune and perfect things and this site is no exception. I originally started the site on Typepad which I loved. Then one day I thought I should move it over to something else. And then I didn’t like that, so moved it again. I tried Blogger and then GoDaddy and then back to Typepad. Finally last year, I decided that since I recommend WordPress to all of my clients, that it only made sense for ME to be there, so I began the task AGAIN of moving the site.  Along the way, I had exported and imported all my posts.. or at least I thought I had but this latest version seemed to be missing a ton of posts.

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Then this week happened and specifically Sunday. I just happened to look up at the dashboard on WP and noticed the breakdown on my posts. It read 305 posts.. 127 published… 178 hidden. What?!

So I started researching and lo and behold.. there they were…

EIGHT years of posts.

I spent the rest of the evening tagging them and publishing them. A lot of them don’t have photos attached anymore but they all have stories and memories.

There was the day that Cassie got her first tooth… when Mackenzie started kindergarten… the trip to Central Park when Sydney literally fell asleep eating her lunch… when we decided to move back to NC from PA… Our first day of school in our new hometown… the day that we found out my dad was sick… the birthday celebrations… the Christmas seasons.  Reading them made me happy but it also made me sad. Seeing the post that I wrote on what would be my dad’s last birthday made me weepy and I realized how precious this thing is.

This website that got started just because I didn’t have time to go to Walgreen’s.

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