I made a promise that 2016 was going to be THE year of the vlog for me (that’s a video based blog for those who are scratching their head) and I have to confess that I have been sucking at it. I started strong with some Netflix News videos but between not having a good place to record said videos and this being one crazy year, I’m sitting here on July 4th with little to show for it.

I have so many blogging friends who absolutely rock their YouTube channels and vlog.. Stephanie Wonderlin Carls, Jessi Sanfilippo, and Kat Bouska just to name a few. Sunday has become one of my favorite days just because I look forward to seeing all the great content that they’ve put out that week and believe me – they do not disappoint. EVER.

Stalking.. I mean perusing Kat’s site this week, I noticed that she has a vlogging prompt ‘challenge’ going on and I thought to myself “Self – that’s what you need… some good prompting!!” so I looked at the prompts she’d listed for the current week and realized that I could probably do ONE of them before the Wednesday due date. I had some extra time since it was a holiday weekend so I fired up the ol’ video camera and got to recording. That didn’t work so I fired up the ol’ iPad and tried again. After about 6 takes, I finally had a decent video to answer her This or That Summer YouTube Tag. I was pretty happy with it but screwed up the video quality when I compressed it.

Sigh… So here it is below. I promise that I will get my vlog groove on from here on out and I promise that the editing WILL get better. So much to do so little time.

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Watch it. Enjoy it. And if you feel up for it… subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there 😉