Throwback Thursday: Entertainment Edition with #StreamTeam!!

What are your favorite shows & movies you’re sharing with your kids?

When the girls were younger, it seemed our TV was on all. the. time. One or both of us have always been fortunate enough to heatherswork from home and while that’s great for raising kids, sometimes those kids needed entertainment that was provided by someone/something other than mom or dad.

Whether it was Mackenzie watching Blue’s Clue’s (original, please) or the Powerpuff Girls (my all time favorite), Sydney with Dora the Explorer or the Wonder Pets (I still know the theme by heart) or Cassie getting her small chance with Little Einsteins and then whatever her sisters were watching.  I always thought that I’d never miss those shows, but it’s funny how when you get away from them, how much you really do miss seeing them.  Sadly none of those stream yet on Netflix, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

In the meantime, I get to share the shows and movies that I love with each of them – or if I’m really lucky – all of them! They’re all currently in an 80’s state of mind (and it’s also trendy again which means we’re old…) so I get to introduce them to movies that are streaming on Netflix like:

But it’s not all about the movies… there were some great shows that debuted during their younger years that they are old enough to watch and I get to enjoy them again with them:

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The funny thing about a few of these is that they found them on their own!! The oldest loves, loves Grey’s Anatomy as do many of her friends.

It’s really been hitting me square in the face that I am on the short end of the stick when it comes to the amount of time that I have left with these 3 living with me. I will take whatever moments that I can to spend time with them… whether it’s just me and one of them or all of them. And I love when they get as much joy out of watching some of these titles as I did the first time that I saw them.

What shows or movies are you passing on to your kids? Any favorites?


June 11, 2015 at 8:31 am

I’ve been watching 80s movies with my high school senior… I feel she should watch these movie before she heads off to college! Ghostbusters, My Cousin Vinny (okay, I think that was 1991), Breakfast Club, Tootsie… fun!
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