It’s not just parenting that takes a village, so does blogging. Anyone of us who’s been blogging for any length of time knows that you have to have a strong community if you’re going to last and succeed – no matter what your definition of success is.  dashing through winston

We’ve developed a pretty great group of bloggers here in the Triad and almost every week, I’m discovering another new blog and blogger. I think it was about a year ago that I came across Christine Storch’s blog, Dashing Through Winston-Salem and the first post I see is one that featured (Dining with Daphne) someone that I’ve known for years thru school – how randomly cool, I thought!

Christine has other great regular features all of which focus on this awesome town we live in. A few weeks ago, she started a new feature that focuses on the bloggers in our town with the one and only Nikki Miller-Ka as the inaugural post! I’m honored to tell you that Christine asked ME! to be the next featured blogger!

I’d be honored if you would head over to Christine’s house and check out the really thoughtful questions she asked and make sure you follow her on all of her social sites – especially if you’re a Triad blogger!

Thanks so much, Christine for the chance to be on your blog and all that you do for our community!!

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