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Triad Love: Woods of Terror

I’m not sure when it happened, but Halloween has definitely shifted from a kids holiday to an adult holiday – or at the very least – EVERYONE’s favorite holiday. It’s a chance to let it all hang out and take on a different persona.. complete with full on makeup and costume. With little kids, the costumes rangewoods of terror backstage

from sweet and innocent when they’re little and as they grow, so do their interests in the more “haunting” side of the holiday. You go from hayrides and pumpkin patches to parties and trick-or-treating and then comes that year when they tell you they want to go to a haunted house, maze or trail and if you’re in the Triad area, chances are pretty good that one of the ones they’ll want to check out is Woods of Terror. 

Eddie McLaurin, Woods of Terror owner had a nightmare dream that many would never have… take a huge plot of land 12 miles outside of the city of Greensboro and turn it into, what will eventually become, one of the best haunted trails in the USA. (Ironically enough, where he built WOT is less than a mile from where my Aunt Loyce lived for years and years… ) Eddie and his team invited me out for their annual media night and like any good mom would do, I grabbed the closest teens I could find, a whole bunch of iPhones and headed to Greensboro to get a behind the scenes look at how the REAL zombies, vampires and freaky clowns come to life. Or die. I’m still not sure which it was.

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Woods of Terror has over 175 employees making sure that when you leave, you don’t sleep very well that night. Nothing is overlooked and I was so impressed with how much detail went into the production. The staging and costuming area was amazing.. I saw no less than 8 makeup artists working non-stop to make sure every cast member looked every bit the part they were playing. There were the clash of clowns, the LOST BOY era Vampires (Kiefer swoon!!), more Jasons and Freddies than I could count and the entire zombie cast from The Walking Dead. The pre-show energy was high as everyone got into character behind the scenes and making sure that all the media got their own little sneak-peek of what was to come.

Not only does the cast of characters cover the multiple scenes out in the field, there is a whole schlew of them that cover the “midway” priming the guests for what lies ahead. And if that wasn’t enough, you can find Eddie striking a pose with his beloved snake, Dawn, who was named after his ex-wife..

You can’t beat the scare factor of Woods of Terror but please take note.. this is not the place to bring your kids and they will NOT let you in if you have a kid that’s “little”. I was a bit unsure whether or not my 13-year-old was old enough but she actually came out so excited and loved every minute of it.  For a complete list of FAQs, click here. One thing that I learned my first visit there a few years ago is that if you want to take your older kids or go with friends, you can hang out in the Midway portion of the property and there is plenty of good people watching to be had. They also have tons of concessions, shops and other things to keep you entertained.

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Definitely a must-do on your Halloween list here in the Triad!!



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Tickets start at $17.00.


Woods of Terror is located at 5601 North Church Street, Greensboro, N.C. 27455







Woods of Terror is a haunted attraction created for adults. Therefore, it is not recommended for children under the age thirteen without a parent.  No child will be admitted who is under age of five. Woods of Terror is one of the best haunted attraction values around, with almost 60 minutes of an interactive show for one ticket price. Find out more at www.woodsofterror.com.


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