With Christmas done and dusted, you might not be thinking about presents again just yet. On the other hand, it’s not long until Valentine’s Day and thinking of Valentine’s gifts, whether it’s something to wear, an item for the house, or jewelery for all occasions, there are some ground rules what women want for valentine's dayI think women should drum into their partners.

First, what we don’t want: a last-minute, hastily bought gift that you can’t afford. Valentine’s Day tradition is all about romance, so the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ really is true here. Remember back in junior highschool, you made cards for each other with tissue paper flowers? That’s the spirit we’re trying to recapture – fun but with a hint of young love.

Next point, that’s not an excuse to go sappy. Heartfelt is good, but if it’s going to make your friends throw up when they see it, it’s probably too much. Browsing one online gift store, I came across matching his and hers sweatshirts emblazoned with giant love hearts. Now imagine you see a couple walking arm in arm down the street wearing those. That’s gonna bring out the Grinch in anyone right?

The kind of gift I want is romantic, sure, but a little bit personal and funny. The same site had a cute teacup and saucer set from classy designer Melody Rose. Plain white with a retro design of a man and woman ‘in the state of nature’ – don’t worry, nothing you’d be embarrassed by if guests laid their eyes on it, but a little bit risqué and that is a good thing.

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There’s so much out there that’s cheeky and charming without being cheesy or expensive. I’m going to throw one more idea into the ring. A personalized luxury ‘I love you because’ poster print. You get the picture – the rest of the message is personal. And personal, I say, is the whole point of Saint Valentine’s Day.