Are You Girl Scout Strong?

I picked up my 2 little campers on Friday. Syd had been at camp for almost two weeks (her longest what does it mean to be girl scout strongto date) and Cassie for five days. While I love the break in routine (and noise) when any of my girls are gone, I’m also always ecstatic when they get home. At least for a few minutes.


Sort of.

Right now I’m listening to Mackenzie and Syd catch up on the past two weeks and it makes my heart happy to hear that they’re actually happy to see each other. I wish it would last because in my head, this is how sisters are supposed to be with each other.

At most of the Girl Scout camps, they have a closing ceremony on the last day before the girls are released to their parents. Sometimes they’re elaborate shows, other times they’re just a debriefing of what they girls did during the week. This year’s camp was kind of a mixture, but relatively short which was nice due to the blazing hot, humid day.

I showed up to pick them up and got there in usual Kristen fashion: 30 minutes early. I spent the time catching up with stuff and about 5 minutes before the closing ceremonies were supposed to start, I started hearing this buzz. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first but it got increasingly louder and I finally got up and walked towards the grassy knoll (what?? we have those here…). I couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from but I finally recognized that it was a VERY loud troop of marching scouts heading our way.

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In one voice.

Girl Scout strong.




I will admit, it gave me goosebumps but I’m a dork like that. What I really loved about it was the strong voice of girls in unison. Stand strong and let your voice be heard, girls. Let people know you’re coming and that you ARE a force to be reckoned with.

Because that’s being Girl Scout strong.