… but garden? Since our house is too small for a farm, he goes for the next best option and has a pretty big vegetable garden.

He takes a lot of pride in the garden, carefully plotting out which plants are going where. Making our kitchen look like a grow farm from March until late April by dragging out all the old fish tanks to grow seedlings in. Then he carefully puts them in the ground and one year even took my advice and plopped a whole egg in the hole first (I had read that it’s like mini compost). Most years we have an abundance of fresh vegetables out of the garden and nothing makes me happier than going out to the garden and picking all the ingredients that I need to make homemade gravy (spaghetti sauce to the non-yanks who aren’t familiar with the Italian term).

But last year was the exception to the beautiful garden standard. Between a super wet Spring followed by the arrival of very hot weather, last year’s garden was nothing more than a weed bonanza. He really tried to stay on top of it but in the end, it was a complete loss. If there were vegetables in the garden, I sure as hell wasn’t going in there to pick them. Uh-uh.. there could havebeen snakes and mice hiding in that 20×30 plot. It was such a bad growing season, I wasn’t sure if he was going to belly up to do one this year.

But today, in an effort to avoid helping me work on taxes, he headed out to the garden to finally give those (dead) weeds and plants a smack down in the only way that it could possibly be done.

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With a lawnmower.

He mowed, whacked and sprayed his way to what will hopefully be a glorious return to his pride and joy. I know I hope that the garden will once again produce the overabundance of tomatoes, squash and peppers because really – is there anything better than fresh produce?

This is just the 1st step in many to get to growing season and even more to get to the harvest. I think the next step involves a tiller which is only slightly less intense than being attacked by a lawnmower. It will be interesting (to me, at least) to record the Rooster’s efforts. After all, it IS his blog, too!

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