What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What’s Hot for Fall and How to Dress for Your Body Type

What’s Trending for Fall and Winter this Year?

Have you started digging out your boots and layered pieces? I’m slowly starting to add them to the daily mix and couldn’t be happier. This time of the year can be perplexing when choosing our outfits for the day… it’s chilly in the morning but still warm enough by the afternoon that, if we dressed for the morning, we’re overdressed at the end of the day. But yet we push on because most of us love the looks and styles that fall offers.

As you already know, I’m not the best at staying on top of the latest trends. If it weren’t for my friends who knows what I’d be wearing… definitely not something that’s in style for this season, that’s for sure. Shannon Kemp at Style Encore (her stores are in Winston-Salem and Greensboro but there’s probably a Style Encore in your area!) invited me back in the store so that we could talk about a couple of things. First – what’s trending for fall and winter this year and second, how to dress for your body style – especially after a change in weight (either up or down). So let’s see what she had to say!What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

Fall and Winter Trends

When I got to Style Encore as they had in the past, Shannon and her team had already assembled a HUGE variety of pieces that could mix and match into a lot of different outfits. Remember that the personal shopping service is a FREE service that they offer to anyone and one of the best parts about shopping with Style Encore frequently is that the more you do so, the better they get to know your styles and what you like. For example when I did a styling with them this spring, when I looked thru the pieces they had chosen for me, I’d say they hit about 50/50 with what I liked and was looking for. This time was a different story – I’d say it was closer to 90/10 and honestly, the only things that I weren’t crazy about were things that a floral pattern to it. Nothing against their choices – I just had never let them know that flower patterns were either hit or miss with me.

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Here are a few shots of what they had chosen for me and what was waiting behind the closed dressing room door!

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?
I am SO in love with these booties!!!

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

According to Shannon here are the biggest trends for fall and winter this year:

  • Fringe
  • Layered pieces
  • Sleeveless sweaters (great for layering!)
  • Dark wash denim
  • Boots
  • Moto style jackets
  • Coats

It was really tough to make a decision on which pieces I wanted to add to my wardrobe – Shannon and her team did SUCH an amazing job. In the end, here are a few of the outfits that won out over the others:

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016?

How to Dress for Your Body Type

One of the things that people are so guilty of is not dressing for their actual body type. Women especially have the thought that if there are parts they don’t want to be noticed, that hiding it behind clothes that are too big is the way to go. Shannon says this is the worst thing we can do. Trying to camouflage the areas you’re not happy with doesn’t work and ends up looking drapey, ill-fitting and really doesn’t help hide your flaws after all. Instead, find the parts of your body that you ARE happy with and accentuate those instead.

For instance, I wasn’t aware that now that I’ve lost weight I’m what Shannon refers to as an “upside down triangle”. My shoulders are broader than my hips (first time in since I can remember.. thanks, Vinny!!) so choosing pieces that draw attention to my waist is what’s going to give me a more “hourglass” figure. Who knew?! Believe me – I’m prone to not wanting wear what I consider “tight” items… Shannon’s always chastising me because I’m saying “Shannon! It’s too tight!!” to which she tsk-tsks me and reminds me that it’s not too tight but that it actually just fits correctly. Then I have to remember that she is the expert, I can’t dress myself for crap, and go forward with an open mind. And it always works to my advantage!

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Ladies, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting some advice on your body type and dressing it accordingly. Especially if you’ve had a change in weight – either loss or gain.

Added bonus? You can take the clothes that you can’t wear any longer, sell them to Style Encore and have cash to take with you or buy those new styles that you fell in love with!!

You can watch the video that goes thru all the things Shannon and I discussed below. The one thing we didn’t get to was the monthly subscription services but I promise we’ll definitely cover that soon!

More about Style Encore:

Style Encore Locations and Information:
Style Encore Winston-Salem

243 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Style Encore Greensboro

2955 Battleground Ave., Grand Opening June 16th!, Greensboro, NC 27408
Follow them on the Facebook pages above and Instagram for all the latest news and incredible finds that come in every day. If you’re the opposite of me and have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, take them to Style Encore and get the best deal in town – paid out in cash!! Not sure if they want what you have? Check out this page to see what they’re currently looking for!
Check your local listings to see if there’s a Style Encore near you and then get yourself set up with a free appointment to get your own style profile.





What's trending in fashion for fall and winter 2016? Are you dressing correctly for your body type or trying to hide the parts you don't like under ill-fitting clothes? To find out, make sure you check out these tips on what to wear!

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