When Daddy ‘ s Out of Town…

One of the little treats for the girls is that they get to sleep with Mommy. I love this as I know they will soon have ZERO interest in me much less cuddly time like that. Each of them has their own "sleeping" personality and we have given them each a nickname to reflect that.

My oldest is referred to as "Tick-Tock" because she twists and turns all night long and pretty much hits every hour position on the clock. The middle one is known as the "Rock". She doesn't move. Ever. She's just like me.. we can both go to sleep and wake up in the same position.. covers barely moved.  The baby is called the "Alphabet"  because she moves so much that combined with another body, she will form almost every letter of the alphabet.

I don't like when my husband's out of town, but I do relish the slumber party that happens when he's gone.

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