Taste Testing: Whole Foods Market’s Whole Value Meals

I’m no different than any other mom around town.. I’m busy with work, school, errands, playing referee, chauffeur and in-home counselor to teenage angst. Adding “prepare for Christmas” to that and my kids are lucky to get stale cheerios for dinner much less a home cooked meal. So when Whole Foods of Winston asked if I’d be up for trying their Whole Value Meals, I replied “yes” and “my kids thank you”.

I was actually given the choice between their Whole Value Meals and their upcoming special of Wild-Caught Georgia Shrimp (you save $5 a pound — Friday, 12/16 ONLY) and while I love making Shrimp and Grits, that seemed to defeat the purpose of making my life simpler right now.

The WWhole Foods Kristen Daukashole Value Meals are promoted as “meals that will feed a family of four and comes with a salad. The food is of great quality, free of antibiotics and hormones and are cheaper and healthier than eating out.”  They have two price points $14.99 ($3.75/person) & $17.99 ($4.50/person). Sounds good to me…

They have the WVMs located in their refrigerated area and have 3 different types to choose from – the $17.9Whole Foods Kristen Daukas9 and $14.99 option as well a “comfort food” option. I certainly was not in the mood for the comfort food option of Turkey and dressing, so I opted for the $17.99 option which were some amazing looking Chili Lime Pork Burritos. Extra credit was given due to the fact that the chances of me ever making those for our family during the week were slim and none. I was a little unsure before I got there that any of the meals would feed us since we’re a family of 5, but one look at those monster burritos and I knew we’d be fine. To be honest though, I’m not sure that I would pay $8 just for the salad but as part of the package deal, it still stays in the “good price” range.

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I knew that the Rooster would be thrilled with the menu that I conjured up for my family but was a little concerned that the wee hens would be too crazy over it.

I arrived home and began the arduous task of making dinner. Open bag. Remove container. Preheat oven to 375°, place container on cookie sheet so house doesn’t burn down and insert into oven. I then had 20 minutes to see who was getting into what, which one of my friends had sent a sickeningly cute Christmas card and set the table.  Ding! Timer’s done! And out of my oven comes a smell that is absolutely divine. You can smell the cilantro throughout the house. The burritos were stuffed with rice, corn, beans and the most tender pork and  the chili lime sauce had just the right amount of heat to it. As I said, I was worried that the wee hens wouldn’t like it and was pleasantly surprised that they loved it!

I would absolutely grab another one of their value meals on my own. I think the quality is high, the price is right and the variety is good. I promised them that I would try the $14.99 option next week and offer my feedback, so look for that review soon.

Once again, Whole Foods does another great job in their effort to keep us all healthy!

** Please note that Whole Foods provided these items to me at no charge. But, if you know me.. that has no bearing on my point of view.**



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