Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a time when we all get ready to honor the awesome men that help make our lives run smoothly.. even if there’s a pothole in the road. I happen to be one of the luckiest gals around because of my man the Rooster. He’s an admirable fellow who probably should have been committed a long time ago with the amount of hormones and drama that course thru the veins of our house on a constant basis.

Things that Dads do….

But since this is the “pre” Father’s Day post, I thought I’d give some credit to ALL the amazing Father Figures that I have had in my life.

First of all, to the Rooster. You’re an amazing Dad who somehow maintains his sanity in this house of women. When they were babies, you never batted an eye at changing diapers, treating diaper rash and giving baths. You’ve always gotten down on the floor to play whatever crazy game the girls had cooked up and looked like you were having fun while doing it. Speaking of cooking – thanks for being an amazing cook. You always try to come up with something spectacular at least on the weekends and even your “oops – forgot it was almost dinner time” meals during the week are better than any meal out. Even more than all of that – you put up with me. ‘Nuff said.

My Daddy… did you know that I was born on my dad’s 22nd birthday? Yep. According to legend, my mom went into labor at the start of “Get Smart” and my dad asked if she could hold on just a little bit longer. Now you know where I get my wit and sas from. We’re two peas in a pod and he’s often told people that if he had never believed in astrology before, he did once I was born. He is a fun loving guy who always makes me laugh. Even though my folks divorced when I was a little, little girl and our time together was limited to a visitation schedule, I always remember the fun times. Who else but a dad would let you dictate the way the steering wheel on his Porsche 911 would go by the way you “drove” your nickel.

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My Dad... When my mom remarried, I ended up with a man who loved and treated me like his – not a “stepkid”. He was a pretty strict guy who worked his fingers to the bone but he taught me a lot of the things that made me who I am today. Don’t lie, steal, work hard and always remember your friends and family. He cut me very little slack growing up and I swear I was grounded more than I wasn’t. I remember the summer of my 11th grade year when he called me from the office to tell me that I had a flat tire on my car and that I needed to change it. I had never changed a tire before that day and I couldn’t believe that he would do that to me – just leave me there to fix the problem on my own. That was just one of many lessons he taught me in his oh, so subtle way. He’s been gone for 4 years now and I miss him just as much now as I did the day he passed, but especially on Father’s Day.

My PawPaw… My grandfather will be 84 this year and is still running strong. He had his first health scare this year but even that didn’t slow him down. He’s had an amazing life that includes the military, endless volunteer hours, raising three daughters and the sad task of losing two wives. He’s a quiet fella but when he lets loose the zingers, his booming laughter will shake the room and fill your soul. One of my favorite stories was when my cousin Lloyd and I spent HOURS raking his yard when we were 13. My grandfather must have heard us talking about how we’d spend the money we were going to make because when we triumphantly showed up at the back door when the job was done, we were greeted with “you’ll get your reward in heaven”. My God the look that must have been on our faces!

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My Father-in-law… Whether he answers to Steve, Big Steve or Poppy he’s the formidable patriarch in the Daukas family. He’s one of those silent but deadly types.. the man who doesn’t speak too much but when he does, you better listen and God forbid should you be on the short end of his temper stick. He’s an amazing guy who you can turn to for advice and insight – whether personal or professional. I hate that he and Grace live so far from us but we’ve got all of our fingers crossed that this won’t be the case for much longer. I know they are ready to be closer to the family. I love when they’re in town and the Rooster gets some quality one on one time with his dad. You can tell they both enjoy it and it’s funny to watch my husband be the “kid” for a change 😉

I love all the Dads in my family and I hope that they had a great day today. I wish I could have been with each of you but know that you were all in my thoughts. And for the rest of you – enjoy your day – you deserve it, too!!